Our Vision

Best NeuroSpa relaxation therapy in Seattle WA

Situated at the foot of Seattle's Space Needle, level is dedicated to offering a unique combination of neuro stimulation and neuro relaxation therapies. Besides featuring two distinct types of floatation tanks we are the first spa in the country to provide a unique patented neurostimulating therapy that synchronizes acoustical vibrations with chromo (light) and sound therapy to achieve long-lasting energizing or relaxing effects.

Combining state-of-the-art technology with a carefully curated atmosphere, hand-selected apothecaries and gourmet teas, a visit to level will leave your aching muscles relaxed, your spirit uplifted, your mind ready for the next challenge. Ah! And your skin will be positively glowing (another side effect of deep relaxation)!  Whether you have 15 minutes for a quick pick me up first thing in the morning or at your lunch break, or a bit more time for a borderline indulgent experience, level is your go-to place to achieve ultimate relaxation and be on track to fine tuning the thing of beauty that is you.


"level is for the busy humans, for the IT crowd, for the CEOs and athletes, for the yogis and artists, for the injured and those searching the truth, level is for the relentless globe trotters and the old souls.

Developed by science, fueled by love, level is for you"

- Masha, creator and owner