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Have you tried floating before? If not - my sincere congrats on getting closer to experiencing something so powerful. I know this "sensory deprivation" talk can be a bit weird or intimidating.. I was in your shoes 2.5 years ago thinking that I'm surely "too claustrophobic" and will "get bored" during my float session. Ha! It took me one hour in the float tank to decide to leave my job and start this adventure - bringing my own float studio to Seattle (blog story on this coming soon). 

If you floated before - you're probably already hooked on that liberating sensation of nothingness, and everything that comes with it: reduced stress and pain, better sleep, sharper minds, kinder hearts. 

Whether you're just getting started or deepening your practice, LEVEL is your new FLOAT home - welcome and enjoy.

- Masha (creator, owner, float connoisseur) 

now enrolling in our Float CLub

Find out about Float Club: Level Up, our program that gives you access to unlimited floats. We have a limited capacity and will close the enrollment once we reach it. Or try us out first at $49.


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"The Verdict: Regularly floating in such (float) tanks has been shown in research studies to reduce stress and anxiety, ease back and fibromyalgia pain and improve sleep."



“After floating, I was really mellowed out,” he says. “I’m not really sure how it does it, but I do know that floating has allowed me to feel in a more confident, comfortable headspace.”


"After I rinse I find I'm clearheaded but also relaxed.. That night, I fall into a magically deep sleep (the magnesium from the salt, I've read, has a relaxing effect on the body).  My chillax buzz (and amazing sleep) lasts nearly a week. Tight deadlines at work don't feel paralyzing; I don't huff over subway delays on my commute. Avid floaters treat tank time like regular massages, unwinding in the pod every month or so."

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