Where Seattle Floats


Pain Relief

Relief from most chronic and acute pain conditions.


Diminished Stress and Anxiety

Promote "rest and digest" (vs "fight or flight") response to ease daily stresses and worries.


Athletic Excellence

Faster recovery and reduced lactic acid buildup to train harder and perform on the next level.


Mental Acuity

Enhanced mental sharpness and productivity to support professional and academic pursuits.

How did it even happen that having more of everything, taking on more responsibilities and daily chores, and being connected 24/7 became a way of our life?  And - has it brought us equally MORE health and happiness?

What if we try having LESS?  Less of gravity, noise, all the distractions. 

What can happen when our bodies are weightlessly suspended in the water and our minds are relieved from the stress and expectations? 

What if experiencing nothing can be the beginning of everything?

We welcome guests from all neighborhoods of Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Bothell, Issaquah, Shoreline, Edmonds, Lynnwood, Renton, and our guests from other states. 

Our Community Says It Best

Floating in the Media


"The Verdict: Regularly floating in such (float) tanks has been shown in research studies to reduce stress and anxiety, ease back and fibromyalgia pain and improve sleep."



“After floating, I was really mellowed out,” he says. “I’m not really sure how it does it, but I do know that floating has allowed me to feel in a more confident, comfortable headspace.”


"After I rinse I find I'm clearheaded but also relaxed.. That night, I fall into a magically deep sleep (the magnesium from the salt, I've read, has a relaxing effect on the body).  My chillax buzz (and amazing sleep) lasts nearly a week. Tight deadlines at work don't feel paralyzing; I don't huff over subway delays on my commute. Avid floaters treat tank time like regular massages, unwinding in the pod every month or so."

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