How will my appointment go?





















what do i need to bring for my float?

Phew - no need to plan in advance as we provide everything you'll need. The only thing you really need to bring with you is yourself! Ladies might want to grab some makeup essentials and favorite hair styling products, otherwise we take care of the fluffy towels, luxurious bath products, earplugs, ambiance, and some gourmet tea. We even have a powder room with a hair drier, hair styling tools and some little necessities to re-enter the world and catch that Happy Hour! 

Come as you are and be ready to let go.

How do I prepare for the float?

A few tips. Try avoiding caffeine or having a heavy meal 1-2 hrs before your session, as both can inhibit your body's ability to relax. It also best not to shave or wax right beforehand because the Epsom salt might sting a bit.

What about that neurospa? 







The principle is simple: get comfortable in the pod and let yourself get carried away on a sensory vacation nurturing your body and relaxing your mind. The sessions are 15-20 minutes long and make a wonderful addition to your float experience. NeuroSpa can be also used as an individual treatment providing you with sustained energy or deep relaxation (you choose the mode) for hours to come. No need to undress for this one. Walk-ins welcome!

Often, people ask if we change the water in the pods between each user and, equally as often, people are surprised when the answer is "no". That said, the water in the Pod will likely be some of the cleanest water you've ever entered. We'll explain!

The Float Tank Association (yes - it exists!) has created the US Float Tank Standards - a stringent set of regulations regarding sanitation, cleaning, and maintenance. They state the water should be changed every 1000 uses or every 6 months.

Public swimming pools and hot tubs are used by many at once and the health department regulations state that all the water must be filtered once every 6 hours. Our Pods are designed to filter the water 24/7 when the Pod is not in use.

Our Pods will filter the ENTIRE contents of the tank 3 times between each single user and the water goes through a physical filter, UV filter, and Ozone filter.