Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What do I need to bring?

Phew! No need to plan in advance as we provide everything you'll need. The only thing you really need to bring with you is yourself. Ladies might want to grab some makeup essentials and favorite hair styling products, otherwise we take care of the fresh towels, sulfate-free bath products, earplugs, ambiance, and some gourmet tea. We even have a powder room with a hair drier and flat iron, hair styling products and some little necessities to re-enter the world and catch that Happy Hour! 


Q: Do I need to do anything to prepare?

A few tips. Try avoiding caffeine or having a heavy meal 1-2 hrs before your session, as both can inhibit your body's ability to relax. It also best not to shave or wax right beforehand because the Epsom salt might sting a bit. Staying well hydrated before and after the float helps promote deeper detoxification. 


Q: What if I’m claustrophobic?

Not to worry - we have "first timers" every day and most of them express varying degrees of claustrophobia concerns. We take all the extra time and care explaining the process and showing different modifications to ensure everybody feels empowered and in control when they step into the pod. 

For example - our tanks and suites are just about the only ones in town that don't ever automatically turn lights or music OFF. When your session starts you have beautiful lights and meditative music ON and they stay on until you manually turn them off using the buttons inside the tank. Which means - no surprises for you, you can always adjust what's going on in the tank according to your comfort level.

And of course - nobody locks you in the room or in the tanks! You close the lids on the pods and the doors on the suites yourself - meaning, you can leave them cracked- to wide-open, and you can open them and exit the pods at any time. 

There is no judgement either! You don't have to turn the lights off during your first (or the twentieth) float! Do what feels right to you. One of our own team members started floating years ago with music and lights on and the lid wide open - and by now he has floated over 70 times, most of those with no sensory stimulation.


Q: How long is the float session?

Our standard sessions are 60 min long. We allow extra time to take shower before and after (every float room has its own private shower). As you develop your practice and get more curious you might want to experiment with longer sessions (90 min, 2 hours). Once in a while we do members-only overnight floats (yes! between midnight and 6 am). As you see, we look at sensory deprivation sessions as a tool - which you can master and use to your specific needs. We have members who always need a longer float to reach the levels of relaxation they seek, while some regulars feel great with 60 min sessions. You'll likely experiment and find your "sweet spot" after several sessions.


Q: How is the water cleaned?

We have the most modern float tanks on the market! The water goes through 3 steps of filtration and sanitation 3 times before every customer. First step is a physical filter that removes any physical debris, then UV and ozone sanitation to destroy any harmful pathogens. Every time you step in to the tank it's effectively brand new and ready for you!

Also, our owner Masha and the team is a bit on a neat freak and a germophobe side, so the facility is maintained in a pristine state - the whole team takes great care to deliver the best experience to the customers, every time.

Q: Do you Accept walk-ins?

We always try to accommodate our walk-ins for float sessions. It's easier during our slower days (Monday - Thursday). However since our floats start on schedule, we do suggest a call ahead to make sure you don't end up waiting for your session too long. However in case you do - we have a couple wonderful cozy lounges, snacks, teas, and books to keep you comfortable. In fact many of our regulars come in a bit earlier for their sessions or stay longer after to cozy up in our lounges. This space is yours!



Got another question?

Call 206-456-4500 or email us - we love chatting about floating so don't be shy!