Float tanks Seattle


Welcome to Level Float Spa. We are here to provide you with therapies that help alleviate your mental and physical pain. We understand the state of mind of a highly-stressed individual. It is very common that highly-stressed individuals try to overcome stress by extending their working hours. But, as you can imagine, doing so only exacerbates the problem.

Our staff at Level Float Spa are well-experienced and trained. When you come to our center for any spa service, our staff will extend great care to your particular goals and desires, and are sure to only recommend those spa therapies that are appropriate for you. Our goal is to help you reduce stress levels and give you lasting relaxation. We achieve the greatest satisfaction when our services are able to help our clients overcome from depression or exhaustion.

Nowadays, stress levels in the human body is augmenting rapidly. With such a concern, we are offering sensory deprivation floatation services to our clients. In this therapy, we allow our clients to experience weightlessness in a dark, calm and highly relaxing setting. We provide our clients with showers and allow them to float in the nude or with bathing suits.

For our sensory restriction therapy, we offer more than one float tank in Seattle. Our float tanks are filled with magnesium salt and water. When our guests float in this diluted tank, their senses will be deprived or restricted for the given time.

This deprivation therapy is very effective to help people alleviate their physiological and physical issues. At Level Float Spa, we provide the above described floatation therapy in an incredibly safe environment.

Level Float Spa helps to heal your body, mind and spirit, and provides you mental relaxation at affordable prices. Our spa center is very concerned about about your stress and well-being. If you are stressed or just need some mental and physical rejuvenation, then we offer Level Float Spa as a viable solution for you.