The Float Spa Experience

Think about all the tasks your senses are simultaneously responsible for. From processing images, language, and abstract concepts to running the everyday systems of your body, all the unconscious work that goes into simply keeping your body upright. Removing the need to process any stimuli and maintain structure allows your nervous system to take a break from most of its obligations. Instead, it heals, wanders, plays, and recharges - and just as with anything else, a little relief keeps things in optimal working order.

Some people share that ideas come to them more easily during or after a float, or that their thinking is sharper and their instincts are healthier. This is due to REST (restricted environmental stimulation therapy) allowing the floater to experience extended periods of theta brainwaves - the type you have all-too- briefly just before and after being asleep. Other floaters are drawn to the physical benefits. By freeing your body from the constant need to support itself, muscles and joints are able to escape coils of tension and the responsibilities of balance, and redirect that energy to healing. And, unlike simply lying on a mattress, floating also allows your blood to flow with maximum freedom, benefiting the vascular system, too.


Everyone’s float is different, and each floater comes with unique intentions. That said, some common benefits include:

  • Aids thinking, increasing clarity, productivity, and creativity

  • Provides rest to the central nervous system more quickly and comprehensively than sleep (1 hour of float = 4 hours of sleep)

  • Relieves chronic pain, tension, and soreness while promoting healing

  • Enables increased blood flow, lowering blood pressure

  • Great for the pregnant ladies (with the OK from your physician)

  • Speeds up athletic recovery and allows to train harder

  • Helps overcome jet lag

  • Decreases addictive or self-destructive tendencies

  • All the magnesium found in the sea salt (we dissolve about 900 pounds of it in each pod/ suite) is amazing for your skin and hair

  • Lets you experience zero gravity!

Our spaceship, a.k.a. Float Pod

Our spaceship, a.k.a. Float Pod

Our luxuriously spacious Float Suites

Our luxuriously spacious Float Suites


At LEVEL, we have two types of floatation tanks. Our Float Pods are sleek, minimally designed spaceships ready to take you away, and our less commonly available Float Suites are a luxurious roomy option for the ultimate comfort.

Taller folks and customers concerned with feeling claustrophobic prefer starting with a Suite (rooms 3 and 4), while others enjoy an almost cuddling effects of the Pods (rooms 1 and 2). Once you know what each feels like, you can tailor your preference to the mood of each visit - no need to be a devotee of just one or the other.