floating and massage therapy to soothe your mind and body


Located between South lake union, Belltown, and Queen Anne, level float is a modern health spa offering two types of float environment as well as restorative, prenatal and sports massage THERAPY.

choose the service you would like today or enjoy float + massage combo for the ULTIMATE in healing and supporting your health.


Pain Relief

Relief from most chronic and acute pain conditions.


Diminished Stress and Anxiety

Promote "rest and digest" (vs "fight or flight") response to ease daily stresses and worries.


Athletic Excellence

Faster recovery and reduced lactic acid buildup to train harder and perform on the next level.


Mental Acuity

Enhanced mental sharpness and productivity to support professional and academic pursuits.


Hi, my name is Masha and I’m the creator of Level.

Sensory Deprivation saved my life 3 years ago when it helped me fully recover from the physical injury, constant pain, mounting stress, and a lot of anxiety that came along with it. Floating allowed my body and mind the space and support needed to heal from within, rather than continue barely masking the symptoms. After my very first float session and experiencing pain and stress relief I wasn’t able to achieve for months, I knew I would put my efforts and energy in creating a much needed beautiful healing float center in Seattle - so that others can too find and experience the power of this therapy. Leaving my corporate world behind and stepping into this journey challenged me to grow more than I could have hoped for and strengthen my commitment to continuously improving the environment and services we provide at Level - all to serve your needs and allow you the space for healing and exploration.

As the result of this passion and through listening to my customers, Level now is a truly special place and holds a nurturing environment for anybody who’s just curious to try sensory deprivation for the first time or for an experienced floater looking for their new float home.

As the owner of Level, I had all the benefits of experimenting with longer floats, overnight floats, and following my float sessions with body healing modalities like massage. I was in awe of the enhanced benefits from doing longer floats and the deep tissue massages and I knew that’s something I have to share. I’m now excited to be able to offer these experiences to Level members and guests.

Check out our booking page for the upcoming overnight float experiences. Grab your massage presale specials before we start booking sessions in November and the prices go up a bit. Take that step and book your first float session - a step towards a stronger-healthier-happier you.

As always, I’m here for your feedback, let me know what my team and I can do better to consistently provide you with the most nurturing environment.

Masha (masha@levelfloatspa.com)


uniquely, level offers 2 types of float rooms: float pods and float suites.

They both provide the same high quality floats, music and lights options, and the price per session is the same. the difference is mainly the shape and the size.

If you’re over 6’4” or taller we suggest BOOKING room 3 or 4 (float suites). everybody else is WELCOME to choose the room they visually like better.


did you know Sensory deprivation has been around since 1950’s?

floating is now becoming a recognized and loved therapy for a range of physical and mental benefits - all without any effort on you part

Floating in the Media


"The Verdict: Regularly floating in such (float) tanks has been shown in research studies to reduce stress and anxiety, ease back and fibromyalgia pain and improve sleep."


“After floating, I was really mellowed out,” he says. “I’m not really sure how it does it, but I do know that floating has allowed me to feel in a more confident, comfortable headspace.”


"After I rinse I find I'm clearheaded but also relaxed.. That night, I fall into a magically deep sleep (the magnesium from the salt, I've read, has a relaxing effect on the body).  My chillax buzz (and amazing sleep) lasts nearly a week. Tight deadlines at work don't feel paralyzing; I don't huff over subway delays on my commute. Avid floaters treat tank time like regular massages, unwinding in the pod every month or so."

567 John St.
Seattle, WA 98109



We welcome guests from all neighborhoods of Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Bothell, Issaquah, Shoreline, Edmonds, Lynnwood, Renton, and our guests from other states.