Level Up Your Life

There is no better opportunity to tap into your healing and growth potential than with the UNLIMITED FLOAT sessions at Level.

Simply put, REGULAR FLOATING allows you to be better at everything you care about in YOUR LIFE.

Deeply balancing yourself helps you access your body's and mind's own potential.

Anybody who floated a few times will tell you that the effect of Floating are accumulating and usually fully kick in around 3rd or 4th float.

We can all admire bodybuilders and we understand it took time to develop that strength and physique. Our minds have a similar ability - Neuroplasticity - and with regular Floating practice it allows us to evolve and develop new neurological pathways. And through that - have profound positive effects on our lives and performance.

That is to say, when practiced every 7-10 days, Floating has a significant effect on the way we think, feel, and show up in the world. 

We also know the power of being surrounded by the like-minded folks. Here is our way to foster our community of regular floaters and an invitation to join.

Float Club: Level Up

  • Best value - members-only pricing, send us the form bellow to get started
  • Unlimited Float sessions (1 per day, extended floats are 90 or 120 minutes long for $20)
  • Unlimited NeursoSpa sessions
  • One FREE guest float every month (for a person new to Level)
  • Monthly social and educational events
  • Private Facebook group
  • Pause or cancel anytime after 3 months, non-shareable.


Our regular Float Club: Unlimited is always available for enrollment at $169.

The goal for this new tier is to build a community of dedicated floaters and to allow unlimited floating at the best price we can sustain. We have a limited capacity so send us a note why you want to join - and let's chat.

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