Hi, my name is Masha and I’m the creator of Level,

Sensory Deprivation came into my life 3 years ago and helped me recover from the physical injury, pain, stress, and a lot of anxiety that came along with it. Floating allowed my body and mind the space and support needed to heal from within, rather than mask the symptoms. After my very first float session I knew I would put my efforts an energy in creating a beautiful healing float center in Seattle - so that other can too find and experience the power of this therapy. Leaving my corporate career behind and stepping onto this journey allowed me to grow more than I could have hoped for and learn to continuously improve the environment and services we provide in Level - all to serve your needs and allow you the space for healing and exploration.


"level is for the busy humans, for the IT crowd, for the CEOs and athletes, for the yogis and artists, for the injured and those searching the truth, level is for the relentless globe trotters and the old souls.

Developed by science, fueled by love, level is for you"

- Masha, creator and owner