“After 10 minutes on each leg, I hopped off the bed and turned my back to the mirror. I squeezed my butt several times in a way that I'm very glad was not captured in any smartphone footage, and it was clear: All the cellulite in the middle and along the sides of my thighs had vanished! There was still some dimpling right under my cheeks, but only when I really squeezed, as if I were clenching at the top of a glute bridge.”

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I'm writing my review as a very happy…

I'm writing my review as a very happy user of the Cryoskin. I used it for the slimming treatment, around my waist. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical. However after just one treatment I lost 2 inches. It has stayed off even after 3 days. I'm optimistic to see further loss and even better results after a few more treatments. The treatment is comfortable and relaxing and there was absolutely no downtime. We'll unless you consider no carbs for two hours as downtime.


My hubby and I were both in awe of our…

My hubby and I were both in awe of our first cryoskin experience. He was down an inch and I was down half an inch.

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What Amazing results with Cryoskin Slimming

What Amazing results!! After having other highly publicized fat freezing procedures.... this is by far THT BEST!!! The Cryoskin Slimming treatments are fixing the areas that the other well known “Cool___\\” messed up on my stomach leaving me with a shark bite look. Finally Cryoskin Slimming has made my body beautiful, the way that I really wanted it to be (Especially after 3 babies).