Kevin's float story

For me sensory deprivation has been a vehicle towards personal exploration or what John C. Lilly (originator of the first ever float tank) called “inperience”, an experience of the inner. 

I remember my first float and how hesitant I was to completely let go and let the experience take over. I had to have all lights on, I had to have the lid open. It would seem as if my first attempt at experiencing nothing was completely opposite of that. It’s what happened after those first initial five minutes that had me hooked on floating forever! 

Many times in life we go into situations having preconceived notions and expecting negative outcomes. Sensory deprivation helped open my eyes to that. Though being apprehensive is merely an attempt to keep us safe, it almost kept me from having an eye opening experience. Sometimes we can think ourselves OUT of having an enjoyable experience. 

My time in the float pods has taught me to lay off the judgement and to try NOT to control the things I cannot control and to lessen my grip on the things I can while letting life run its course. 

That is why I float. That is why I’m a huge advocate for people to try floating for the first time. That is why I work at Level Float Spa - because floating has the capability to transform our ideas about life for the better!