Level Float Spa - Alternative Spa Treatments in Seattle

At Level Float Spa, we offer the best and most encompassing alternative spa therapies in Seattle area. We believe that the combination of our Neuro Pods and Float Tanks have been proven to help heal an array of ailments, reduce stress and create an unparalleled sense of peace and mental well-being in the human body.

At Level Float Spa, we offer sensory deprivation spa therapies which have been proven to rest the body’s central nervous system. When the central nervous system is in a state of rest and relaxation, the rest of the body responds in a similar fashion. You will notice a deep inner relaxation that spreads out to the rest of the body, and provides your mind with a deep-seated calmness that we believe will be unlike anything you’ve experienced in any other healing modality.

Additionally, sensory deprivation has also been shown to boost work productivity and have associated work-related benefits. We attribute this benefit to the improved circulation of blood that results from use of our float pods, which consequently improves mental clarity and helps to fight off fatigue.

When you try our sensory deprivation spa services at Level Float Spa, you will see why we are so passionate about our therapies, and why the world of alternative medicine is quickly taking notice of how sensory deprivation is scientifically able to alleviate countless ailments in the body and how it’s able to bring tremendous peace and relaxation to the mind. 

Additionally, we also offer neuro stimulation at Level Float Spa in Seattle Washington. We are proud to be the only Float Center in the world that also offers a combination of Sensory Deprivation and Neuro Stimulation (also known as sensory stimulation). Our dedicated staff will help ensure that your neuro therapy session using our neuro pods will be an incredible experience. Sometimes referred to as relaxation therapy, we hope to combat any stress or anxiety in your body with use of our Neuro Pods.

Neuro Spa therapy has also been shown to be a valuable treatment option for people suffering with sleeping disorders. Although known as stimulation therapy, our Neuro Spa Pods have been shown to greatly reduce pain throughout the body and to leave your mind and mental state feeling healthy, relaxed and tranquil.

If you have any acute or chronic body aches or tensions (mental or physical), then we invite you to try our stimulation therapy and sensory deprivation therapy offered at Level Float Spa’s Seattle, WA location. We hope to serve you soon!