Why Sensory Deprivation

Sensory Deprivation Tank

Welcome to Level Float Spa! We are highly concerned about your physical and mental health and would like the opportunity to help alleviate your mind and body with our services. We believe that the unique and innovative combination of therapies offered by our spa will help restore and rejuvenate your health from the stress and tension of the modern world. Established in Seattle, Washington, we are passionate about helping people alleviate the tensions of everyday life and have spent many hours researching why sensory deprivation and sensory stimulation are holistic options for people facing various physical or mental ailments. We believe that in the coming years, sensory stimulation via float tanks will come to the forefront of holistic medicine with endorsements from neurologists to chiropractors. We are committed to our patrons, and we believe anyone who tries our Neuro Spa or Float Spa will immediately feel relaxed in mind and body and will begin to understand the power of this emerging medicine. 

At Level Float Spa, we offer our patrons an exceptional float spa experience, in which a sensory deprivation tank is used to restrict the body of its physical senses. In so doing, the body’s central nervous system is rapidly relaxed. When the body’s central nervous system is relaxed, the entire body is then influenced into a state of total peace, tranquility and relaxation. 


In addition to our sensory deprivation therapies, Level Float Spa is proud to be the only Float Spa in the world that also offers Neuro Pod therapy which also acts to greatly alleviate stress levels and helps to fight off fatigue. Neuro Pod therapy is also known as “sensory stimulation” and has been proven to help mitigate a number of illnesses, one of which is insomnia. Today, people use Neuro Spas to combat a growing number of health issues both in an acute and preventative fashion.

Both therapies offered at Level Float Spa are effective in their own right, but in order to experience the most potent display of our spa treatments, we recommend using both our Float Spa and Neuro Spa in conjunction, based of course on your own specific needs. 

We are so proud to be serving Seattle (and the surrounding areas), and we invite everyone to experience the countless benefits of Level Float Spa. Whether you're a first-time-floater or a seasoned pro, Level Float Spa is here to serve you with a safe environment and an incredible experience. We hope to see you soon!