Here comes our TEAM!

yes, we're all float-obsessed here and cannot wait to share how awesome floating is with you - stop by or call for a chat or if you have some questions floating around !  



"the float boss"

100+ floats completed, including overnight floats

born and raised in eastern Russia, Masha moved to the US thirteen years ago for her "international finances" degree. 

after school she worked in the financial sector, then for one of the largest tech companies in Seattle.

Masha had two dreams coming to this country: starting her own business and being able to share and make wellness accessible - starting a float center was a single greatest adventure she's taken on!

come chat with her - she's at level on some days!


level_float_spa_seattle (2).jpg


"the float guru"

65+ floats under the belt

avid reader of non-fiction. favorite book "the wisdom of insecurity" by Alan Watts

passion: self-transformation/reformation, becoming the best "self" one can be through learning about the outer world through books and about the inner world through floating




"the float traveler"

10+ floats and counting


Seattle native

just moved back after finishing her BA degree

lived in central mexico and traveled all over Europe

loves languages (come chat with her in Spanish and French or let her practice her first stabs at Greek and Italian on you)

meditation and now floating keep this artist creative and well-balanced




aka "float master"

30+ floats