We're Voted #1 Float Tank Center in Seattle!

Seattle is not only a place where you can experience fun and adventure but it is also a place where you can enjoy a life filled with relaxation. There are tons of bests that you can find in Seattle and all of which will bring you the calmness and relaxation you want to achieve. In this place, float life is one of the best things that you can experience because of its ability to bring you to cloud nine. Nothing is a disappointment when you visit Seattle because everything is just worthy of your time and money.

When it comes to making your body, spirit, and mind relaxed, Seattle is never left behind. There are several float spas that can you visit which will feed the needs of your mind, spirit, and body.

So, where to go when looking for a float life in Seattle? Here is a float spa where you can give your body, mind, and spirit the relaxation it deserves and you can also find float Seattle promo code that you can use once you experience the float life.

Level Float and Sensory Spa    

The Level Float and Sensory Spa is the best place that you can visit in Seattle when it comes to float life. This is where relaxation dwells. This is where you can experience sensory deprivation that will bring you to a level of relaxation. Floating will let your central nervous system and mind have the rest it deserves to have even for just an hour. Don’t travel far just to experience floating on a lake wherein you can experience it at Level Float and Sensory Spa with float Seattle promo code to enjoy.

The Level Float and Sensory is the number hotspot in Seattle when it comes to float tanks and float pods. This is where you can let your mind, spirit, and body get the relaxation it deserves to have without spending too much money. Here, you can experience floating on a whole new level. You will not only have your body, mind, and spirit be calmed but even your sensory and central nervous system will also be relaxed and will be given the time to regain its energy.

On the other hand, once you visit Level Float and Sensory Spa, you will also have the chance to acquire float Seattle promo code that you can use when you visit this float tank in Seattle. This is where you can gain discounts whenever you would want to experience a float life away from stress and anxieties.

Level Float and Sensory Spa is the number 1 float life and float tank that you can find and visit in Seattle. Here, you will have the chance to have a well-deserved break from all the stress and worries that you have been experiencing. For just $99, you can enjoy three floats that will surely bring you to the state of relaxation without giving your pocket a burden.

If there is a number 1 best barbershop, nail salon, gym, yoga lounge, hair salon, martial arts studio in Seattle, then there is also a number float tank and that is Level Float and Sensory Spa.

We are very thankful to all our clients who voted for us, as the winner of Best Float Tank in Seattle Weekly.

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"The mind that went into creating this beautiful facility permeates the entire relaxing appointment. As an experienced longtime "floater," I can attest this is an outstanding operation, the staff are wonderful, and the environment conducive to achieving whatever one desires holistically & spiritually. Best wishes for their continued success." 

Facebook review by Steve Klain

'Best float spa in Washington! They have the big room float chambers as well not just the pods! Awesome spot!"

Facebook review by Jay Sluman