Why Floating?

Areas like school and the office can be both stressful in the long run. With so many activities that keep you preoccupied for months or even years, it is hard to deny that you are sometimes denied the possibility of relaxation and therapy, therefore, you get physically and mentally drained. As a result of this many busy individuals are looking to indulge themselves in holistic good-for-the-brain therapies that can serve as a good way to forget about stress and unwind. Many of this therapies are available everywhere and an affordable one at that, including yoga, meditation, and floating. These practices enable the calming of the body and mind by making it somewhat in tune with each other while improving your sleeping habits and mental focus and clarity. If you really feel the need to do this exercises and are adamant in achieving your goals while spending less time racking your brain. Please read this:

Boosts Creativity.

  Creative employees and students have a look. Studies suggest that an individual’s creativity gets affected when you suffer from stress and information overload that is why it is necessary to practice sensory deprivation methods to promote your imaginative side. Recent studies have been conducted showing that students experienced an increase in test mark results just by spending an hour in a float tank as well being able to formulate creative solutions and ideas for the working individual.

There are no specifications, whether you have to be in the liberal arts or are working in an advertising company just to indulge in this practice. Being an engineering student or an IT specialist does not hinder you to enjoy the man benefits of floating in a float tank.


sensory deprivation tank

Controlling your Stress Levels

Finding yourself in the middle of cramming projects, homework, assignments, written reports, and monthly evaluation or even preparing for an ACT test, you can bet that really contributes a lot as a stress factor or a stressor. It is certainly best to indulge yourself in a sensory deprivation tank and inhibit for a few minutes or hours your senses to immediately be deprived of these stressors and you will find yourself with a mental clarity reminiscent of when you were born.

Capable of Affording the Float. It is common knowledge that for some students affording a float therapy or even a float tank can be a truly cost-prohibitive endeavor. But that is why we are here for you, offering cost-effective options perfect for the student or the starting out an employee in you. We are here to provide you with flexible options as long as you are passionate about the benefits of a floating session with us. We are also planning to promote gift cards and other promos for employees, college level or high school level students during the holidays just in time for vacations and short breaks. 

Our Gift card would make a splendid gift for employees of the month, grad students, honorable mentions and etc. We are also not short on promotions on a regular basis. So contact us if you want to know more about float sessions and what we offer.