Membership terms


It’s easy! Log into your account ( and make any changes for your “Upcoming Appointments”.

You may also give us a call during our business hours (10am - 9pm, Mon-Sun) and talk to the receptionist. Leaving a voicemail, sending an email or text is not a confirmed cancellation until your message has been returned by our staff.

  • We require 12 hours notice before making any changes to your schedule. That means you can cancel or change your appointment up to 12 hours before the start time without a fee.

  • Unlimited Float members are charged $15 for a No Show. Late cancellations are charged $10. You must cancel 2 or more hours prior to your scheduled class time to qualify as a Late Cancel. Cancellations not made before the 2 hour window are considered a No Show.

  • Level 1 and Level 2 Float Club Members

  • Groupon customers will simply forfeit their floats and their voucher will be marked as “redeemed”.

  • In the event of defaulting with our 12 hour cancellation policy all clients authorize Level Float & Spa to charge their card on file for any no show and late cancellation fees.

  • There are no exceptions, please do not ask.

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