Pricing Options

First float (60 min): $49

Float session (60 min): $89

Massage therapy (60 min): $99

Couples massage therapy (60 min): $199



Floating is a practice that allows you mastery and through that - deeper journeys into your your mind and consciousness, more profound physical recovery and healing, and a more focused and creative outlook on mostly everything in life. 

There is this stigma that floating is prohibitively expensive and I'm here to assure you that our pricing reflects the cost of running this operation and my many conversations on this subject with the regulars.  

The most cost efficient way to regular floats is through our Float Club.

Why Float?

  • Float to become stronger, faster, and more successful at your career.

  • Float to heal your body and accelerate your physical performance.

  • Float to set free your creative talents, be more loving and patient.

  • Float to finally catch up on high quality rest and sleep!


Float appointments are in 1 hour 30 minute blocks. 1 hour 15 minutes is for you to shower, float and shower again. We require the last 15 minutes to clean, sanitize and prepare the room for the next appointment. Please arrive 15 minute before your scheduled appointment if  this is your first time floating or visiting our spa, this time allows us to provide you with an orientation and share the best tips on floating! 

Late arrivals will result in a shortened or forfeited appointment, as we can not adversely affect the next customer. If you are over 20 minutes late, the float will be cancelled but the full amount will still be charged or deducted from your account.

All services and products sales are final.


All reservations are subject to a $50 no-show or late cancellation fee. This fee will automatically be charged to your account or to the method of payment provided at the time of your reservation. A 24 hour notice is required to not be considered a late cancellation/rescheduling. In case of the advanced cancellation your float credit will go back to your account and will be available to you for booking. 

No refunds/ credits will be granted for no-show reservations.  Sessions will be processed as scheduled on all reservations.

Terms & Conditions

Level Float Spa reserves the right to revise the terms, conditions, and prices at our discretion. Periodically visit our website to review the current Information. We have the right to refuse service to anyone at any time.