Sensory Deprivation Seattle

“Floatation and sensory deprivation are natural therapies with endless benefits to the human body. These therapies are luxurious ways to appease and heal the body from the stress and anxiety of daily life. You can leave the stress aside or you can experience profound peace in a calm and comfortable environment…”

Level Float Spa is the #1 destination for sensory deprivation and flotation tanks in Seattle, Washington. We have been providing floating and sensory deprivation services in Seattle since our grand opening in September of 2016. Level Float Spa intends to become the premier health and wellness centre in Seattle by providing first-class sensory deprivation and floatation services to help you experience deep relaxation and recovery at an affordable price.

Our mission is to help our clients relax in a calm and comfortable environment. It is our belief that inducing sensory restriction and sensory stimulation is greatly needed by people these days. As a client of Level Float Spa, you will be able to spend time in sensory deprivation tank which are safely designed to help you get an amazing experience. Our highly skilled and trained staff is here to help you experience the floating process perfectly while enjoying our sensory deprivation tanks. Float tanks or isolation tanks enable you to get a wide array of advantages and benefits for your mind, body and spirit, not limited to applications in health, personal development, spirituality and well-being.

We believe that sensory deprivation or floatation is a natural solution that offers tremendous relief to those who are suffering with anxiety, stress or depression. If you are in need of physical and / or mental rejuvenation, then keep in touch with us at Level Float Spa for the highest level of quality sensory deprivation and sensory stimulation in Seattle, WA.