The best float experience I’ve had in Seattle. Classy, clean and well priced for an excellent experience. As an athlete with many old injuries and regular practice in meditation, I use floating regularly.

Modern float suits - spacious, illuminated, and with meditative music

Uniquely, we offer spacios Float Suites for our floatation therapy sessions

Float Suites are larger than the more ordinary seen float pods so even our taller floaters (6'4" and up) and customers concerned with feeling claustrophobic can comfortably enjoy the benefits of sensory deprivation experience.


comforting lounges - relax and unwind

Pause before or after your float session in one of our lounges. Snuggle up with the wool blankets and a cup of warm herbal tea (that we create in house), journal or read through our growing library, or chat away with our float attendant - we are float nerds here and could talk all things sensory deprivation for hours. This is the space for you.