Uniquely, we have two types of floatation environments for you to choose from: Float Pods and Float Suites. They offer the same quality comfortable float experiences, with the same lights and music controls, so we cannot say that one is "better" than the other.

Float Suites are a bit larger, so our taller floaters (6'4" and up) and customers concerned with feeling claustrophobic prefer them. Float Pods look like space capsules and are Masha's personal favorites. Try them both!

  FLOAT PODS - Rooms 1 and 2

FLOAT PODS - Rooms 1 and 2

  FLOAT SUITS - Rooms 3 and 4

FLOAT SUITS - Rooms 3 and 4


Neurospa Lounge - Enhance your float experience

NeuroSpa combines multi-frequency acoustic vibration massage with light and sound stimulation to optimize mental and bodily relaxation. While it's hard to find the exact words to describe the sensation, one of our customers got it pretty close "it feels like champagne bubbles all over your body!".

NeuroSpa session is a great stand alone treatment as well as an addition to your float. 15-20 minutes in a NeuroSpa reduce stress and fatigue, stimulate circulation, reduce pain, and produce endorphins - we frequently hear giggles coming from the pods during the sessions!

These wonder pods have a worldwide patent on the technology and Google, Reebok, Ubisoft provide them to their employees to help attain maximum performance on the job. Masha got curious about them and went up to Montreal to test them herself.


comforting lounges - relax and unwind

Pause before or after your float session in one of our lounges. Snuggle up with the wool blankets and a cup of warm herbal tea (that we create in house), journal or read through our growing library, or chat away with our float attendant - we are float nerds here and could talk all things sensory deprivation for hours. This is the space for you.